Landline Number Now Available

We are very pleased to advise that you are now able to
contact us via landline on 02 8203 4764. The new number complements the mobile number and assorted online contact methods. Our Facebook page should arrive in the coming days.

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Changes, Price Reductions

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes over the past couple of weeks to provide a better experience on our site. We moved to new servers that provide us with a lot more capability than we had. One of the benefits is that all of our various admin stuff like booking forms, etc have been rewritten in HTML5 in order to provide a more efficient service.

We now offer
Website Design and Management services to help small businesses and individuals, with very affordable pricing.
If you are interested in our website services we have a new gallery of
website design suggestions to assist you with deciding on a concept for your site.

The other exciting news is that we have made some substantial reductions to our pricing. For on site services we now have an area that is exempt from the $20 travel charge. The biggest reductions have been made across our range of Remote Support Services. We're so confident that it is the fastest and most convenient method to resolve issues for the majority of situations, we wanted to increase the value proposal.

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