Macsimise Web Site Launch

Welcome to the Macsimise website. We are here to provide you expert personal assistance with your Apple lifestyle products. Our recommended method of delivery is via
remote access so that you get the assistance you require in the fastest possible time. For our launch we have a selection of services available with our full range on offer in the coming days. We have a guide to help you have the best experience while visiting and welcome any feedback. Please subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog page or follow us on Facebook to be kept informed as we enhance the website and make our new services available. Thanks for dropping by.

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New Look Website, New Features


Welcome to the new look Macsimise website - besides a fresh new look, there are a number of new features for your convenience.

The biggest change is that pages on our site will now adapt to your screen size (known as ‘responsive&rsquoWinking, whether you are using an iPhone, iPad Macbook air or 27” iMac, the content in the pages moves around to the best viewing layout for your screen size. On an iPhone the menu bar shrinks right down to a pop up menu, as do sidebars - this should make viewing our content much easier on smaller screen sizes.

At the time of launch, some of our content (approx 10%) still needs to be updated to take advantage of the responsive nature, we expect to complete those adjustments fairly soon, alongside other improvements we are working on. Some of the other new features on our site include: better social media links, handy tips to help you make the most of your Apple products - we’ll be adding several new tips each week, improved grouping of our services and easier navigation.

In tandem with our site update we have refreshed our logo, stationery and general branding - a fresh new look from top to bottom.

We hope you like the new look and welcome your feedback.

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