Changes, Price Reductions

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes over the past couple of weeks to provide a better experience on our site. We moved to new servers that provide us with a lot more capability than we had. One of the benefits is that all of our various admin stuff like booking forms, etc have been rewritten in HTML5 in order to provide a more efficient service.

We now offer
Website Design and Management services to help small businesses and individuals, with very affordable pricing.
If you are interested in our website services we have a new gallery of
website design suggestions to assist you with deciding on a concept for your site.

The other exciting news is that we have made some substantial reductions to our pricing. For on site services we now have an area that is exempt from the $20 travel charge. The biggest reductions have been made across our range of Remote Support Services. We're so confident that it is the fastest and most convenient method to resolve issues for the majority of situations, we wanted to increase the value proposal.

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New Remote Support Options

We are extremely happy to announce a number of changes to our
Remote Support Options, we now offer a range of services starting at just $7. Our Macsimise Quickfix and Remote Assist services are the cheapest remote access support options on the market. We are also delighted to announce that we are now using our own Macsimise Remote Assist software to facilitate connections - our software provides you with the most secure method of remote access support, you are in full control at all times, read more about why Macsimise Remote Assist is the only remote assistance service you should consider.

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July Already and Mac OS X Lion

We’ve reached the half way point for 2011 and the big news this month is the release of Mac OS X Lion. There are many great new features and, as with every OS update, there will be hardware and software that is no longer supported. In the next few days we will give details on our Lion ‘Vet check’ package to help you get ready and ensure a smooth upgrade.


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New Look Website, New Features


Welcome to the new look Macsimise website - besides a fresh new look, there are a number of new features for your convenience.

The biggest change is that pages on our site will now adapt to your screen size (known as ‘responsive&rsquoWinking, whether you are using an iPhone, iPad Macbook air or 27” iMac, the content in the pages moves around to the best viewing layout for your screen size. On an iPhone the menu bar shrinks right down to a pop up menu, as do sidebars - this should make viewing our content much easier on smaller screen sizes.

At the time of launch, some of our content (approx 10%) still needs to be updated to take advantage of the responsive nature, we expect to complete those adjustments fairly soon, alongside other improvements we are working on. Some of the other new features on our site include: better social media links, handy tips to help you make the most of your Apple products - we’ll be adding several new tips each week, improved grouping of our services and easier navigation.

In tandem with our site update we have refreshed our logo, stationery and general branding - a fresh new look from top to bottom.

We hope you like the new look and welcome your feedback.

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