Have you found that you often run into computer problems that impact your ability to get work done, but are too small to warrant an on-site visit?

Do you have questions about how to improve your workflow that only come to mind when you're in the middle of that task?

A few minutes of Macsimise Remote Support can often take the place of a more expensive on-site visit.

Fast Convenient Service

On The Spot*
Parallel Live Chat or phone call (no extra charge)
Lower Cost - no travel expenses involved
Help when you need it, with minimal interruption to you

The biggest advantage of Remote Access support over telephone support is that we are able to observe while you show us the problem you are having or what you wish to do and then depending on circumstance, we can show you the correct or recommended appropriate action.

100% Secure

You are in full control, you must authorise the remote session and can terminate it at any time.

*Subject to the nature of support required and availability of an appropriate support professional.

    Remote Support Services We Offer


A convenient solution for fast help

If we are online iChat with us straight away or book a different time

Initial Consultation - 5 Mins    Cost - $7

Additional time - $7 per 5 mins

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Want to ask us a quick question?

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02 8002 1222.

Initial Consultation - 5 Mins    Cost - $7

Additional time - $7 per 5 mins

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Fast, Affordable help

How support should be!

Consultation Time - 10 Mins    Cost - $15

Additional time - N/A

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Our premium Remote Support service

at the most competitive price in town!

Initial Consultation - 20 Mins    Cost - $35

Additional time - $9 per 5 mins

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Are You Set Up For Macsimise Remote Support Services?

If you have broadband internet and a Mac running Mac OS 10.5+
All you need to do is Download a small software client, then you are ready to go. The software client requires no configuration and will be provided free of charge.