Macsimise Remote Assist is software compiled by Macsimise to facilitate hassle free remote access assistance to it's customers.

Simply open Macsimise Remote Assist at the arranged support time, copy and paste the code provided in your confirmation email and click "Connect". Your desktop will appear in a window on our screen, allowing us to control your Mac and provide the assistance you require.


Since Macsimise Remote Assist initiates the connection, it is not blocked by most firewalls and requires no special network configuration. It has been successfully tested on numerous home and business networks.

Macsimise Remote Assist has several significant advantages over other remote software. Most other screen sharing tools work in one of two fashions:

Your computer is always listening for incoming connections.
This method requires you to open your computer and your network to incoming connections, requiring increased attention to security. If anybody, anywhere guesses your password or discovers a security vulnerability, they can gain access to all your data. It also means that a remote technician can gain access to your computer at any time.

Your computer maintains a connection with an intermediate server.
This method doesn't require modifications to your local network or firewall. Hence, is far more difficult for a mistake on your part to lead to a serious security vulnerability. The downside is that security is no longer in your control: it's in the control of the intermediary service handling hundreds or thousands of remote connections, and such a service is a far higher profile target than your computer alone. Some of these services require you to give your system password to the service each time you connect. We don't believe your system password should ever be typed into anything other than a dialog box presented by the system itself.

With Macsimise Remote Assist, all connections are initiated from your Mac and they only remain active until you click disconnect. You can take back control of your Mac and/or terminate the connection at any time. It is not possible for us (or anybody) to connect unless you initiate the connection.


Macsimise Remote Assist requires no installation and can be completely deleted simply by dragging the application icon to the trash.

Remote Support Agreement

In order to obtain remote access support you must read, acknowledge and accept the terms of this Agreement by clicking on “I Accept The Remote Support Agreement” button at the end of this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement you have requested that Macsimise, with ABN: 42 318 948 972, remotely connects to your computer system (which expression shall in this Agreement include all hardware, software and interconnectivity equipment of all and any nature) via the internet in order to assist with any technical or functional query you may have. You agree to allow a member of the Macsimise support team to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard, subject to your execution of this Remote Access Support Agreement.

In consideration of Macsimise providing remote access support, you hereby waive and release any and all claims you may have or will ever have against Macsimise or any of its employees, contractors, agents, affiliates and officers relating to or arising out of any damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that results, directly or indirectly, from Macsimise remotely connecting to your computer systems as requested by you pursuant to this Agreement, including, without limitation, loss of data and damage to your computer hardware, software and/or any related systems.

You acknowledge and agree that this Remote Access Support Agreement is made in conjunction with Macsimise Terms and Conditions and does not supersede any other agreements you may have with Macsimise and any obligations contained within. This Remote Access Support Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of NSW, Australia. This Remote Access Support Agreement may only be amended by a written agreement signed by authorised representatives of both parties. You acknowledge that you have read this Remote Access Support Agreement and by clicking on the “I Accept The Remote Support Agreement” button, or by opening and using the software after it has been downloaded to your computer, you accept its terms and conditions as set forth above.

I Accept The Remote Support Agreement

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